Tomato Envy Vermicomposting Guide



рекламные вывески киев
vermicomposting2-hiresIf you’ve ever thought about composting, but lack the space, time, or patience, vermicomposting could be the answer. Vermicomposting uses hungry red wiggler worms to turn household and kitchen waste into a valuable, organic soil amendment for lush gardens and houseplants. In the Tomato Envy guide, Vermicomposting for a Green Home and Healthy Garden, you’ll learn the basic principles of vermicomposting and find out how easy it is to get started. Download this guide and find out if worm composting is right for you!

*This is a downloadable guide. Once you complete payment via PayPal, click on the link that says, “Return to Tomato Envy” and you’ll be able to download your guide.




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