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Best DIY summer moisturizer

August 8, 2017 | By | Reply More

DIY summer moisturizer

This essential oil blend smells good enough to eat.

I have a love-hate relationship with DIY beauty products. After my extreme experiment of making nearly everything I put on my skin with lackluster results, I went back to using a mix of store bought, as-natural-as-possible products and luxurious DIY concoctions based on what works best for me.

I first saw this recipe in the Mountain Rose Herbs inspiring catalog during the dark, gloomy, soggy days of late winter, and it made me yearn for the warm days ahead.

I’ve been slathering this on my sun-punished skin all summer, and it’s a winner. The combination of essential oils in this DIY summer moisturizer leaves skin smelling vibrant. The coconut oil base ensures a little goes a long way and dry skin soaks up the nourishment without feeling greasy.

DIY summer moisturizer

I weigh my oils before melting.

The MRH recipe calls for refined coconut oil, and I suppose it’s because refined coconut oil smells (and tastes) far less coconut-y than its unrefined counterpart.

That neutral base would be a blank canvas for the essential oils, but I already had a huge vat of unrefined coconut oil I bought in bulk that I wanted to use. My version has a faint coconut aroma, but I find it blends well with the citrus. It’s easy to make a lot of this moisturizer at once, so consider doubling it since you’ll go through it quickly.

Ingredients (Makes 4 ounces)

4 ounces coconut oil

15 drops cypress essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

6 drops lemon essential oil

6 drops grapefruit essential oil

6 drops lemongrass essential oil

DIY summer moisturizer

Use a funnel to get the melted oil into your jar.

3 drops helichrysum essential oil

Simply warm the coconut oil gently to melt it and stir in the essential oils. Cool at room temperature until moisturizer is solid, or store in the refrigerator.



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