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Smudging: Another Way to Clean House

October 14, 2015 | By | Reply More

smudgingThere are times in life when most everything seems to be unlike it was before. Maybe it’s a change in location, home, family, career, relationships, or health that has your life turned upside down. There are some changes happening in our home right now, mostly we anticipate they’ll be positive. That doesn’t mean those changes are any less anxiety-inducing, though.

It’s especially during these times that I rely on my home to be my sanctuary – a place of peace, stability, rest, and healing. But, for that to work, it needs to be full of clean air and free of negative energy.

I have recently started smudging my home with white sage smudge sticks to help clear the air and make my home the sanctuary I need. Smudging is a Native American tradition that dates back thousands of years and involves burning white sage to cleanse the air. In fact, the smoke changes the composition of the air around you.

Smudge sticks are simply bundles of dried white sage or other herbs tied tightly together with string. When combined with meditation and visualization, I find the smudging “ritual” to be comforting and quite helpful for improving my head state. Next year, I hope to grow white sage in the Tomato Envy garden so I can make my own smudge sticks.

How to Perform Your Smudging Ritual

  • I have seen a lot of very specific smudging rituals, but to me, this is a ritual that I believe you can and should make your own. The ritual should be meaningful for you and relevant to your needs at the moment.
  • To begin, clear your mind and be in the moment. Light your smudge stick with a candle or lighter while holding it over a plate or the traditional abalone shell. When you have a flame, blow it out gently so you have a stream of smoke coming from the end of the stick. You may need to re-light the stick several times during your ritual if it blows out.
  • Think about your intention for the smudging ritual. Do you want to clear negative energy from a home you’re moving into? Do you want to cleanse following an argument in your home? Are you making a job change and want to bring positive energy to your search? Whatever your intention, state it definitively.
  • Begin walking around and waving the smoke around the perimeter of each room you wish to cleanse. Pay attention to the corners and behind doors, just as you would dust for cobwebs and dust bunnies.
  • While you are waving the smoke around the room, continue thinking or saying your intention. Be in the present and visualize the smoke literally absorbing negativity in your home and around you.
  • Once you’ve cleansed your rooms, you can focus on yourself. Wave the smoking smudge stick around you while you stand. Wave the smoke towards you as you would wave water onto your body in the shower. Visualize negativity being washed away.
  • Extinguish your smudge stick safely by either snuffing it out completely on the plate or abalone shell or dousing with water. You can complete the smudging ritual by burying the smudge stick safely in the yard.

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