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Tons of Tomatoes!

August 26, 2015 | By | Reply More


Thanks to wide windowsills…!

Tomato season is well underway! How are your plants doing…lots of tomatoes? Me too. Here’s an update on what’s going on in the Tomato Envy garden, specifically with tomatoes.

I really want you guys to gander a guess at how many tomatoes, total, I’m going to harvest through September 30, 2015. My annual Guess My Harvest contest is getting lots of entries, probably because the prizes are SO GREAT this year! If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food, you absolutely must take a look at my contest page and enter right away – there’s just a little more than one month left. Do it now.





I am growing 13 plants total, 4 of which are in containers of some kind. I’ve harvested just about 130 pounds of fabulous tomatoes so far. I have my doubts that I’ll reach the massive 250-pound harvest of last year, but September can but I’ve already canned plenty of homemade pizza sauce, so I’m satisfied.

I’m growing 4 cherry tomato plants, and they are producing like crazy. Like last year, the black cherry tomatoes are by far the most prolific. Mr. President loves these and will shove them into his mouth by the handfuls if I don’t quickly find another use for them.

I will likely not grow the White Currant tomato next year. It’s masses of pale yellow fruits are delectable, but the plant is so aggressive it’s taking over the entire bed its planted in as well as the surrounding area. The plant originates in one spot, and then it can be found winding it’s way through other tomato plants, my climbing scarlet runner beans and even my winter squash vines that are nearly 10 feet away! I think it’s not well-suited for my relatively small space.


Candy you can feel good about…Sun Gold tomatoes

As for the larger tomatoes, I’m growing Dr. Wyche’s yellow which has a slightly tropical flavor, Green Zebra, Japanese Black Trifele, Amish Paste and San Marzano. The Japanese Black Trifele is very productive and has been great for making soups and sauces while I wait for the more traditional sauce tomatoes like my Amish Paste and San Marzano to kick into high gear.

Any gardener knows that there’s “always next year.” I’m very pleased with my tomatoes this year, but I will make a few changes for next year:

  • Grow fewer plants. I planned to plant less this year but then I received some wonderful containers from Gardener’s Supply and Nature’s Footprint, so I put tomato plants in ’em.
  • If I don’t grow fewer plants, I will certainly give more thought to being practical and plant more large tomatoes and canning tomatoes. I am not getting enough large tomatoes this year, and that’s what I need to make soup for my freezer and sauce for my winter pantry.
  • tomatoes

    The Tomato Envy garden in June

    I will prune more to help keep my garden tidy. Around this time of year, the garden starts to look overgrown and undesirably crazy.

  • I will get all plants in the ground no later than mid-May. This year I had some stragglers that I didn’t plant until late in May and now, they are still on the small side and being dwarfed by the other plants that share their space. I hope these small plants will give me a bumper crop of late season tomatoes to can or use for soup.


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