DIY Hand Soap

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DIY hand soap

On the continuum of green living, Mr. President and I are somewhere in the middle. When I began sharing with you my dreams of living more sustainably, I reasoned that it’s the small changes we make that, cumulatively, can have a big impact on our world. I am keenly aware of my still-too-big environmental footprint, but I have not made enough lifestyle changes to consider myself “expert.”

I’ve been experimenting with natural personal care products that don’t use harsh, synthetic ingredients. I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for my face and have eliminated my commercial cleanser. I’m also perfecting a luxurious body butter recipe and am this close to sharing it with you. And, I’ve been brushing my teeth with pure castile soap – no more toothpaste! The irony of this is that my current hairstyle, a sort of toned-down mohawk, requires serious products to achieve and many of those have probably already penetrated my blood-brain barrier. Oh well, baby steps, right?

I am ABSOLUTELY GIDDY about my new discovery: DIY hand soap.

In our downstairs powder room, I use this double wall-mounted soap dispenser because the vanity I made for that room didn’t accommodate a bottle dispenser once the sink was installed. I naively dumped some liquid castile soap in the dispenser, but it was a big mistake. Liquid castile soap is runny and has a thin consistency, so every time I pulled the lever on the dispenser, soap would go shooting all over the place. After I stopped cursing the situation, I started searching online and experimenting with formulations that worked better in a dispenser.

The best and easiest recipe I found was on Body Unburdened and it ended up working perfectly. I can’t wait to deploy my figurative middle finger at overpriced, chemical-laden commercial hand soap. After I invested in the ingredients, I discovered that they go a long way. I’ll probably be able to make many, many batches of DIY hand soap from them. This makes a small batch of soap, so double or triple it if you have multiple soap dispensers. All of these ingredients can be found online. For the essential oil, I chose bergamot for its uplifting, citrusy scent but you can use anything you like.

It’s adequately moisturizing. It takes 5 minutes. It’s economical. It is not a chemical shit storm.

Ingredients (Makes about 1 cup)

2 Tbsp. sweet almond oil

1 scant teaspoon guar gum

1/2 cup water (either filtered or boiled and cooled)

1/4 cup unscented liquid castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s)

15 drops essential oil of choice (optional)

Begin by mixing together the almond oil and guar gum in a small bowl. Stir for a few seconds to thoroughly incorporate the guar gum. In another bowl, combine castile soap, water and essential oil. Add the guar gum mixture to the soap mixture and stir. Keep stirring for about 2 minutes and you’ll notice the soap beginning to thicken and it will take on a milky appearance. You’re done! Add the soap to your favorite pump soap dispenser and enjoy.

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